Sodexo CEOSodexo's Board of Directors, chaired by Sophie Bellon, decided to launch a search for a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This decision aims to enable the Group to strengthen its competitiveness and accelerate its transformation while facing post-Covid challenges.

"Our environment is significantly influenced by the acceleration of new consumer behaviors and trends, by digital and technological disruptions and the emergence of new business models. This new phase should allow the Group to quickly adapt to the expectations of its customers and consumers and return to solid, profitable and responsible growth in the long term," the company said in a statement.

The Board of Directors has instructed a recruitment firm to search for a successor to Denis Machuel, the current CEO, who will continue to serve until September 30, 2021.

From that date, to ensure the operational continuity of the company during the search for a new CEO, Sophie Bellon, Chair of the Board of Directors, will also act as interim CEO.

The Board of Directors thanked Denis Machuel, who joined the company in 2007 and was appointed CEO in January 2018, for his contribution to the development of Sodexo and for having lived up to its values. In particular, the Council welcomes their efforts to relaunch the growth momentum, interrupted by the Covid-19 crisis, and for having initiated the digitalisation of the Group and reinforced its CSR commitments. During the difficult period of the pandemic, his leadership and action contributed greatly to the Group's resilience and agility to weather the crisis.

The Board of Directors believes that this new chapter in Sodexo's history will unfold with confidence and serenity. With a healthy financial position and operating in growth markets, Sodexo is backed by a family shareholder base that provides stability and the ability to plan for the long term.

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