y desinfección ECO PACSEco Pacs is an innovative cleaning system, born from the need to generate a transformation of the current model of consumption of detergents, disinfectants and cleaners of companies and people in general, paying special attention to the reduction of costs and operating times, the optimization of logistics operations and environmental sustainability.

The value proposition offered by Deterquin consists of the manufacture of super-concentrated cleaning and disinfection products, with biodegradable raw materials of high performance and efficiency, packed in practical sachets of 80 ml equivalent to one gallon of concentrated product and 20 – 40 liters of ready-to-use product.

ECO PACS super-concentrated cleaners and disinfectants allow:

• Access more competitive prices and obtain savings between 15 – 30% versus traditional products
• Improve the profitability of your business, by reducing up to 98% of logistics costs and storage spaces
• Optimize the control of your inventories and avoid waste
• Reduce CO₂ emissions generated by the transport of non-concentrated products
• Reduce the environmental impact, reducing the continuous purchase of rigid plastic containers and promoting their reuse.


The Ranking of Top Cleaning Companies

For this year 2021, we present the second Report- Top 50 of Latin American Cleaning Companies, a ranking that highlights the most recognized companies in this region, considering the importance of this industry, cleaning and disinfection processes, not only in homes, but also in offices, hotels, industrial plants and any space where there is an influx of people.

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