Gestión de 160.000 activos inmobiliarios para SAREBSareb integrates CheckingPlan as a platform to manage the maintenance of more than 160,000 real estate assets through control mechanisms, with centralized information and an efficient activity record that provides reports focused on process optimization.

The client: Sareb
Sareb, acronym by which the Asset Management Company is known from the Bank Restructuring, which was born in 2012 to help the reorganization of the Spanish financial sector, through the management of properties for sale and rent.

The main challenge in 2018 was to respond to the complex management process involved in such a volume of assets and to have various actors such as real estate portals or facility services companies that are responsible for executing cleaning, maintenance or security services, among others.

CheckingPlan proposed an initial pilot test focused on having basic control of the process. This test, which was a first approximation, not contemplating ad hoc developments, was a success: the client was able to control the process and have all the information on a single platform.

Subsequently, a detailed implementation of the parameters of the environment was made through an exhaustive organization and specific developments to optimize the loading of data and the replacement of technical personnel through field apps.

Sareb's CheckingPlan environment connects with that of the different suppliers (servicers, facility companies and with specific service providers that manage incidents in middleware with Sareb environments) and integrates with the 'Sareb Responde' support channel, for the automation of management tasks and attention to citizens.

Currently, through CheckingPlan, all kinds of tasks related to asset management are registered, information is recorded by filling out forms and the process is monitored through approval flows. This is transferred in the daily management of more than 500 visits, 100 incidents and 1,100 active users in the backoffice.

In addition, those responsible can, from a single repository, review all the documentation of the properties and request adaptations.

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