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Over the years technology has transcended to various household appliances to facilitate our day to day; even, thanks to the interconnectivity of the Internet of Things (IoT) has allowed us to activate or deactivate through the cell phone some of the devices that help us maintain order and cleanliness in the home.

This way keeping the house clean and neat is easier than ever. In the past it was necessary to spend long hours sweeping and mopping the floors of the house. Today it is as simple as activating the robot vacuum cleaner from a distance so that it is responsible for leaving the spaces impeccable.

Samsung Colombia expands its portfolio of robot vacuum cleaners in the country, with the new POWERbot-E vacuum cleaner, which arrives to join Jet Bot -presented in December-. These devices make life easier for users, by simplifying household chores to allow them to enjoy more time in preferred activities.

Goodbye to waste and dirt on your floors
Keeping the floors of the home impeccable is a task that consumes a lot of time, because cleaning dust, pet hairs or even food crumbs, which are usually difficult to catch in one pass, due to their size, causes us to lose a lot of time.

With Samsung robot vacuum cleaners, having a deep, fast and hassle-free cleaning is a reality. For example, POWERbot-E features a 2-in-1 cleaning system that sucks dust and mops the floor when the mop is on; In addition, a powerful BLDC suction motor captures every particle of dust and residue effectively. Both POWERbot-E and POWERbot-E have a brush that crushes the hairs of pets and different strands to prevent them from getting tangled around the brush, ensuring effective cleaning. For its part, POWERbot-E has an intelligent power control that identifies each type of surface and its level of dirt to automatically adjust the suction power and deeply clean each floor.

Deep and smart cleaning for every corner
POWERbot-E has sensors that guarantee that cleaning is done in every corner, as it has a Smart Sensing system of 4 sensors that allow it to reach every corner of the spaces: Gyro sensor, controls the movements of the vacuum cleaner; the Anti-Collission sensor, adjusts the speed of the device so that it reaches the corners; the Bumper sensor, takes care of the furniture and those elements that are on the floor, and the Anti-drop sensor, which prevents the device from falling down a ladder and being damaged.

JetBot has a LIDAR sensor, which scans the rooms and collects information about the objects and the distance between them, so the device covers a larger area without causing damage to the objects in it.

Clean your home effortlessly and hassle-free
With Samsung robot vacuum cleaners you can dedicate yourself to other things while they do the cleaning of your home. Both POWERbot-E and JetBot feature enhanced Wi-Fi control, a feature that allows you to control them from anywhere with the SmartThings app.

POWERbot-E has 4 cleaning modes -Zig- Zag, random mode, corner mode or point mode- that you can configure at the time you want the device to work. It also has a long battery life, maintaining its power for up to 150 minutes without interruptions, so you can enjoy your time while the device does the magic for you.

Jet Bot is possible to control it through voice recognition, allowing you to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off, program it or locate where it is through the Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant applications. In addition, it has the Select & Go and Restricted Zone functions, which allow you to indicate where you want the device to be activated and where not, select the different areas of your home so that the robot cleans it without having to put physical barriers to delimit its space.


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