sustentabilidad ambiental desde la industria de la limpieza

International. Conscious consumption, the development of eco-friendly products and efficient technologies, as well as the strengthening of environmental responsibility programs are the axes that, in recent years, have been enhanced in the cleaning industry.

The proper and sustainable use over time of non-renewable natural resources has become an environmental concern that has permeated all industries, which have been inclined to look for alternatives that from their field of action mitigate the impact they generate on nature.

Although it is an urgent path, if we take into account the dire consequences of climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals, declared by the United Nations (UN) since 2015, it is a transit that involves complex logistics, since it permeates the forms of production and exploitation of resources. However, industries are adapting to this new form of manufacturing and offering solutions.

In the case of the cleaning industry, which intercedes for the physical well-being of people and healthy conditions of usability of spaces, 3 axes stand out on which its offer has increased and respond to the aforementioned needs of environmental conservation.

Conscious consumption
From marketing campaigns and commercial offer, to indications for use in different containers for domestic and industrial use, toiletries encourage consumption where the quantities to be used are clear. This seems like a trifle, has a great potential to reduce pollutants in the water and to be economically efficient. For example, at the time the Ariel Ecomax soap powder requires 30% less water in the wash, because it makes less foam.

For the Association of Cleaning Companies, which was founded in 1973 in Argentina, "the conscious consumer seeks a balance between his personal satisfaction and the well-being of the planet, that is, to consume taking into account the impacts caused by excessive spending, through the rational use of products and services, the way they are used or discarded, aiming at the reduction of these same impacts through new modalities".

Development of eco-friendly products and efficient technologies

The new offers of cleaning robots and cleaning products are usually optimized designed for the use of energy and water use. The current market also contains an increasingly wide range of biodegradable detergents and large companies are no strangers to this wave of efficient and responsible offers.

According to P&G Latin America , environmental sustainability is integrated into the way they operate their business, so that, as a company, they are committed to creating a positive impact on the planet, especially in the areas of climate change, forestry, water, and packaging. That's why they say they focus on "developing innovations and products that deliver irresistibly superior performance in a sustainable way."

However, an example of eco-friendly products is the commercial offer of Ecocarga, a network of stores of biodegradable cleaning products, which proposes a "product recharge" model, promoting the circular economy and avoiding the use of unnecessary plastics. What's more, so far this year, thanks to its services, the equivalent of 123 tons of plastic has already been saved.

Strengthening environmental responsibility programs
Finally, there is also a tendency that, from small and large companies that offer products and services for the cleaning industry, there is a concern and action to make environmental responsibility part of their purposes.

For example, the Parisien Group, a company that has been dedicated to the cleaning and rehabilitation of industrial pavements for more than 40 years, has an integrated quality and environmental management system, which is based on the international standards UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. In addition, it has annual meetings where objectives are reviewed and updated to achieve the proposed sustainability goals.

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