Latin America. Within the framework of the congress of CleanTec, for the first time, the most innovative product will be awarded as a commitment to sustainability. Taking into account the thematic axis of this year: Do you work on sustainability, leadership and implement technological advancement in your company? It seeks to answer the question How are they leading sustainable and innovative products in the environment and what is the social responsibility of these products? It is a new approach that encompasses different key aspects to project more competitive companies.

According to the coordinators of the CleanTec Shows Americas event with the LATAM CLEANTEC SHOW AMERICAS AWARD 2022 "we emphasize that innovation, as a change that supposes an improvement, is essential in cleaning. The novelties that are introduced with some regularity in the processes, products and cleaning techniques, allow to carry out increasingly efficient and effective works".

Contest parameters

The call is open throughout Latin America until September 30, 2022.

An innovative product is understood as all products created or improved and which can use existing technologies and knowledge, but applied in a totally new way. Or, use entirely new knowledge and technologies. It can include significant functional improvements in existing products that positively impact energy consumption reduction, waste management, reduction of single-use plastics, reduction of emissions. In addition to the decrease in costs.

Each participating entity/company may compete with only one product.

The materials sent to participate in the Contest may be freely used by the organization for the purposes of promotion and dissemination of the same.

Three products will be chosen (One per category) and from there a winner will be chosen, put to the vote.

Categories to apply:

Machinery category: Laundry, solutions for mechanization.

Service category: services and advice, personal protection.

Chemical category: Chemicals, Cellulose, pest control, Ecological, accessories.

For the selection of finalists of the most innovative product, the following criteria will be taken into account:

Product Release Date

Sales (value and/or quantity of units sold of the product).

Innovative product that bets on environmental sustainability.

Number of quality certificates that the product has.

Product created- Improved product.

The application of projects will only be through the website

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