International. Procter & Gamble (P&G) announced its goal of restoring more water than is consumed when using its branded products in the water-critical metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and Mexico City.

P&G's strategy aims to help build a positive future for water by reducing its use in production processes, responding to water challenges through innovation and partnerships, as well as projects in 18 water-scarce areas around the world. These new goals and actions build on the "Ambition 2030" sustainability efforts already established by the company in relation to climate change, nature, waste and water.

P&G has added two new goals to its program:

  • Manufacturing your products: Restore more water than is consumed1 at P&G manufacturing plants located in 18 water-scarce areas around the world.
  • Use of the products: restore more water than is consumed2 during the use of your products in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and Mexico City, two areas with great water scarcity. These metropolitan areas account for more than half of the water consumed during the use of P&G products in our 18 water-scarce priority areas.

In Mexico, P&G is a member of Agua Capital, an innovative collaborative platform that contributes to water security in Mexico City. Together with other members, its task is to address the priority issues on the management of this resource.

Another goal is to provide 25 billion litres of clean water for children and families in need around the world by 2025, through the Clean Water for Children (CSDW) programme.

Water restoration at P&G manufacturing plants
White Moose, Mexico: Living in an area experiencing water shortages, employees at the Oral Care plant implemented a campaign to raise awareness, repair leaks, and install water-saving showers and toilets. Overall, they managed to reduce the water demand of White Moose by 1.2 million liters in 2021. The power of employee engagement and zero-loss priority have resulted in a 62% reduction in water use over the past 10 years.

Mariscala, Mexico: The Hair Care plant is located in an area that has been experiencing water stress. The company is committed to reducing freshwater use and leveraging innovative data analytics to generate actionable insights from water meters installed throughout the site. Analyzing this data provides the plant with a daily understanding of water consumption so it can act immediately to eliminate losses. The plant can also compare its water efficiency performance with other sites. In the first month of operation, five projects were identified that can improve their adjusted water production efficiency by 10%.

Milenio, Mexico: At the Millennium Plant, also located in a water-stressed area, they eliminated water losses in the operation and installed a water recycling system in the razor production area. These improvements reduced the plant's water use by 17 million cubic liters per year and allowed the plant to reduce water use by 14% compared to the previous year.

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