Latin America. The Samsung company presented a new line of household products called Bespoke, which include artificial intelligence in order to achieve greater efficiency, reduce pollution, facilitate tasks and cleaning the home.

Bespoke seeks to meet Samsung's goal of offering sustainable, smart appliances with an attractive design. Among the range of products stands out the new washer and dryer, equipped with an ecological technology capable of reducing the emission of microplastics from clothes, which has been developed in collaboration with the Patagonia brand.

The Bespoke AI washing machine includes a washing program that reduces microplastic emissions from clothing by 54% by using filtering technology to capture those harmful plastic particles. Microplastic pollution in our oceans and waterways is one of our world's most pressing problems, and Samsung is proud to be involved in solving this problem.

Beyond the reduction of microplastics, the Bespoke AI washing machine has ecological characteristics so that users have a sustainable experience without sacrificing performance. The bespoke AI washing machine number one in energy efficiency on the market, is equipped with ai Ecobubble technology patented by Samsung.

Using cold water instead of hot water without adding additional cycle time helps users save up to 70% of energy use with SmartThings Energy's AI Energy mode. It also ensures a high level of cleanliness and hygiene of clothes by allowing detergent to quickly penetrate the fabrics and remove dirt, even using cold water.

In addition, the Bespoke AI washing machine includes AI washing sensors that measure the weight of the load and the level of dirt to ensure that the optimal amount of water, detergent and energy is used, in order to reduce waste.

On the other hand, SpaceMax technology allows the machine to use a larger drum without increasing its external dimensions, offering consumers a capacity of 11 kilos that allow larger loads. The flat front design of the Bespoke AIy washing machine with various colour options ensures that the appliance can be easily integrated into any space and to all design tastes.


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