FEMESEThe Mexican Federation of Service Companies (FEMESE), announced that at the national level it will seek to bring together organizations that make up the provision of cleaning and maintenance services, in order to face the new changes in the face of the largest reform carried out in recent years, that of outsourcing, said Juan Solorio Cardiel, the director of this Federation.

He stressed that since the beginning of the reforms to the law on specialized services, there has been a renewed enthusiasm for cooperation between companies in the sector. However, difficult changes in regulations have inspired actions to accelerate a national infrastructure, supporting relationship ties to serve Mexico's businesses and households.

Solorio called on service business owners in Mexico to join "what could change the service industry in today's world as we know it." Its objective is to create a communication channel between companies to boost their development and to be able to transmit the needs of the industry to the entities of the state and federal governments as well as a place where all member companies can share resources and help each other with the common idea of improving their businesses.

"When the current government made the difference between what is known as outsourcing and specialized services, I realized that there is no common entity that fights for the benefit of the industry," said Solorio.

"Our federation members express their concerns about how to comply with the law so that they can continue to operate their businesses that many of them inherited from families with more than 50 years in the market and that the government must listen to."

"We are entrepreneurs who comply with everything that the law has proposed to us, our employees have all the benefits of law and it is unfair that we are classified as outsorceros, tax evaders and benefits," he stressed.

Solorio added, "We seek the same thing as the federal government, a legal and organized industry but they must listen to how this industry works to do it well and in the background." From companies with 10 employees to 20 thousand employees are invited to be part of the federation and join this project.

The objective of FEMESE is to help the development of service companies, including both in the legal field and in the professional and operational field. "We look forward to forging agreements with local governments and secretariats to support our efforts at the national level."

"As companies come together more, we will be more listened to and more organized and we will be able to support each other to improve," he concluded.

Outsourcing Law
Since April 23, in Mexico, the implementation of the outsourcing or labor subcontracting model was prohibited, in order to avoid abuses and violation of workers' rights, as well as evasion in the distribution of profits and taxes by entrepreneurs.

With the reforms approved by Congress, the subcontracting of personnel is prohibited, so now the employing or intermediary agencies will be able to participate in the process of recruitment, selection and training of employees, but they will not be considered employers, since that role will correspond only to the company for which the person works. In addition, the subcontracting of specialized services that are not part of the preponderant activity will be allowed, but it must be formalized with a written contract, indicating the number of workers who will participate and the company will have to be previously registered with the register of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STyPS).

To register they will have to be up to date with their tax and social security obligations, and they must renew every three years (1).

(1). Source: https://www.milenio.com/politica/ley-outsourcing-2021-mexico-cambios-trabajadores

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