United States. P&G Professional revealed survey data highlighting feelings, comfort levels and preferences around restaurant cleanliness after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The P&G Professional survey found that the vast majority of Americans are comfortable ordering takeout (91%), dining outdoors (83%) and even indoors (77%). This comfort, however, comes with high expectations of cleanliness.

The importance of cleanliness restaurants is emphasized, regardless of how and where Americans enjoy meals. Most Americans express how important it is for them to see visible cleanliness, whether they dine indoors (93 percent), outdoors (92 percent), or when ordering takeout (92 percent).

In addition, four in five (82%) say they lose their appetite when they see grease or dirt in a restaurant, so it's critical that restaurants arm themselves with the tools they need to keep kitchen and dining room surfaces visibly clean. Transparency also remains a top priority, with 70% of Americans yearning for restaurants to be more open about the cleaning products they use.

"P&G Professional is committed to providing restaurants and commercial kitchens with the products they need to keep their kitchens and dining rooms open and thriving," said Paul Edmondson, vice president of North America for P&G Professional. "In the continued support of small businesses, we wanted to know where Americans stood for dining out and what could help attract more diners to restaurants. Since product transparency and visible cleanliness are as important as ever, our best-in-class products are a valuable solution, ensuring not only diner comfort, but also helping restaurant owners and staff clean quickly and efficiently."

P&G Professional is proud to provide restaurants, nearly 150,000 of which are small businesses, with the supplies they need to keep their commercial kitchens clean and keep customers comfortable.

P&G Professional's line of rugged grease and disinfect products are effective tools for handling the toughest disasters in restaurants. With half (53%) of respondents reporting that they are more likely to dine at a restaurant that uses brands of cleaning products they recognize, using P&G Professional's multipurpose products is the perfect solution to attract more customers by keeping both visible and invisible grease. clutter at bay.


The Ranking of Top Cleaning Companies

For this year 2021, we present the second Report- Top 50 of Latin American Cleaning Companies, a ranking that highlights the most recognized companies in this region, considering the importance of this industry, cleaning and disinfection processes, not only in homes, but also in offices, hotels, industrial plants and any space where there is an influx of people.

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