International. Tineco recently announced the development of a "smart" carpet and upholstery cleaner, called: Tineco Carpet One.

Like all models in the Tineco One series, the Carpet One carpet cleaner is equipped with the brand's own technology, the iLoop smart sensor. This sensor detects dirt and automatically applies the suction and hydration power needed for effective cleaning. Guide users through the cleaning process with a display screen and voice prompts.

HeatedWash Technology: In addition to a powerful 130 AW suction, the carpet cleaner combines a unique heating panel to ensure that the water temperature is maintained at 40°C (104°F) consistently throughout the cleaning cycle.

PowerDry Technology: At the push of a button, water residue is powerfully extracted from surfaces and dry air of 75°C (165°F) is constantly released into the carpet, drastically reducing drying time to 30 minutes or less.
DrynessMeter: A humidity sensor detects humidity in real time and displays the level of dryness through a "Dryness Meter" on the iLoop's useful display.

In addition to cleaning carpets, the Tineco Carpet One comes equipped with an extension tube and a stain treatment accessory to clean upholstery, stairs and other hard-to-reach areas.

This product series also includes the Tineco Carpet One PRO, equipped with an advanced LCD display that displays vivid animations, and the Tineco iCARPET, an equally powerful carpet cleaner. The PRO model will be available in May this year.


The Ranking of Top Cleaning Companies

For this year 2021, we present the second Report- Top 50 of Latin American Cleaning Companies, a ranking that highlights the most recognized companies in this region, considering the importance of this industry, cleaning and disinfection processes, not only in homes, but also in offices, hotels, industrial plants and any space where there is an influx of people.

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