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Latin America. One of the economic problems currently facing in most countries is inflation. While governments and central banks are looking for ways to curb this phenomenon, families see how purchasing power decreases.

Although the price increase is general, there are some segments that have had a greater impact and among them are cleaning and personal hygiene products. We look at some examples.

The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses of Argentina, INDEC, reported that cleaning supplies are among the 10 items with the highest price increase during the first months of 2022. Only in May it reported an increase in this segment of 5% and year-on-year from 60% to 115%, depending on the type of product.

In the Mexican case, there have also been significant increases in the prices of cleaning products. As reported by the newspaper El Economista, laundry soap leads the list, in April 2022, it was marketed 26.2% more expensive than the same month last year. Softeners and cleaners registered an increase of 11.2% in their price level, bleaches 9.6%, among other products in the sector.

In Colombia, the National Federation of Merchants, Fenalco, warned that household cleaning products have had an increase even higher than the Consumer Price Index, CPI, which stood at 8.42% for May, while these products increased by 10.53%.

The Federation explains that the increase in prices in cleaning products is mainly due to the increases that the basic chemical substances have had to produce the different types of soaps and detergents.


The Ranking of Top Cleaning Companies

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