Limpieza por ultrasonido para autopartes

International. Cleaning auto parts can be a challenge due to the many details, grooves and textures of the parts, not to mention how complex to remove can be the grease, gasoline and dirt that adheres to them. An excellent solution is to use ultrasonic cleaning systems.

According to Edeltec, ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective method to wash any type of industrial part and increase its productive capacity.

This method works by means of high-frequency longitudinal waves that are produced in the liquid in which the pieces are immersed. "The stress forces break the mechanical and ionic bonds of all the particles housed on the surface" which means that dirt is released, even in places with difficult access. "

So, with ultrasound, any dirt is released and dissolved in the fluid used in the process. This saves carving time, but above all, it provides a high level of reliability in which the segment, or part, can be installed without problems, a matter of vital importance in the automotive industry, where the parts must fit into gears, custom spaces and join an entire mechanical system.

Offer in the market
If we look for this type of cleaning solutions, we can find various offers in the market, one of them is that of TIERRATECH, a company with presence in Spain, France, USA and Mexico, which has a distribution network in more than 30 countries. This brand markets equipment (either in standard or custom format) and cleaning products (such as alkaline detergents, acids, strippers, alkaline additives and others).

Equipos de limpieza industrial por ultrasonido

For TIERRATECH the advantages of its ultrasonic cleaning systems on automotive parts are remarkable. Of this they emphasize that: "The Line of Motor Clean equipment is specially designed for the cleaning of all types of components belonging to the field of the engine, such as blocks, cylinder heads, turbos, injectors or particulate filters. As well as for cleaning brakes, gearboxes, radiators, transmissions etc."

Productos para la limpieza industrial por ultrasonido

The list of advantages of this solution include: savings in water, detergents, energy costs and cleaning time by 80%, cleaning of the highest quality, as well as the guarantee of the brand and the use of technology that helps environmental care.

However, the Motor Clean series includes equipment with capacities between 30 and 8000 liters, which cover the needs of car and truck workshops, diesel injection laboratories, engine remanufacturing, repair of naval engines and cogeneration, aeronautical industry and grinding workshops, among others.

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