Colombia. The Colombian company, Klaxen, has introduced 3 new products that incorporate: a bathroom cleaner, ceramics and gaskets, a glass cleaner and a multipurpose degreasing cleaner, making available to the different sectors, more productive, profitable, safe and sustainable operations.

This new tablet technology has brought great benefits to the environment, as it prevents the loss of more than 1 million tons of water per year for its manufacture, reduces plastic waste and reduces the carbon footprint, minimizing operating costs in logistics and distribution.

According to the company, "this eco-friendly system has been thought and designed to offer security to companies, being easy to store, prepare and use, improving the well-being of the employee by up to 45% and optimizing productivity by up to 40%".

Faced with this, Klaxen emphasized: "Today the concept of cleaning and disinfection has been transformed into new intelligent alternatives, carrying out the processes in a safer, more sustainable and practical way, taking the chemicals to a much more compact and ecological presentation".


The Ranking of Top Cleaning Companies

For this year 2021, we present the second Report- Top 50 of Latin American Cleaning Companies, a ranking that highlights the most recognized companies in this region, considering the importance of this industry, cleaning and disinfection processes, not only in homes, but also in offices, hotels, industrial plants and any space where there is an influx of people.

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