limpieza post construcción

Latin America. Once a construction, remodeling or reform has been completed, every building should go through a post-construction cleaning prior to the use of the spaces. This is because the work usually leaves traces of cement, paint and others, more complex to remove than ordinary dirt.

According to LIMPIO, a Colombian company that provides the post-construction cleaning service, this type of cleaning "is one of the most difficult challenges, due to the effort it requires." That is, it requires a deeper process, which is not usually guaranteed by the company or the construction contractor.

LIMPIO is emphatic that "it is an arduous and heavy task that requires a team of experts to eliminate all the waste of the construction project such as paint, silicone, plaster, cement, varnish, dust, among others.

For its part, Wanna indicates that "the appropriate equipment and machinery must be used for a correct execution of the service, in order to create a clean and safe space". This Mexican company that also offers this service, contemplates within its scope the cleaning and decontamination of all types of floors and hard surfaces, as well as glass, windows and gates of any height.

Additionally, post-construction cleaning (also known as completion of work) has a close relationship with the care and conservation of that building, remodeling or reform that was just done. According to Facility Venezuela , if not done properly, it can lead to serious consequences, such as permanent stains caused by a chemical, scratches on glass, walls or furniture.

The work completion service provided by Facility includes tests and balances of electrical loads, review of the air conditioning system, testing of the hydraulic system, verification of the operation of the fire detection and extinction center, as well as the final painting of the facilities, among others.

In that sense, we consider that there are 7 reasons why a post-construction cleaning should be hired specifically

1. Guarantee a deep cleaning: since the constructions leave a more complex type of dirt to remove when hiring a specialized service in this, it is guaranteed that these contaminants can really be removed.
2. Saving money by having an efficient service and without cost overruns: this type of cleaning is too laborious to do it personally, so when it is indicated to hire a cleaning solution from the beginning, but taking special care that it is tailored to the need. It is indicated to specify the type of cleaning that is required to avoid unexpected costs, which could arise when the cleaning company realizes that it will have to have different cleaning products and equipment, or even that it will need extra personnel.
3. Have the peace of mind that the cleaning staff will have protective equipment: every space requires the cleaning staff to use protective equipment, in this case, if there is still part of the work active or risks of falling material, it implies that cases or other elements must be taken to safeguard life. Elements that these specialized services take into account.
4. Efficiency in the times: Since the scope and difficulty of this cleaning process is much better known, the company that provides the service has better times and can meet the client's deadlines.
5. Have the space to furnish or inhabit it without construction contaminants: Finally, the best thing about the post-construction cleaning service is that it will really clean all the dirt left by the work, so you can inhabit the space once they finish without major problems.
6. Care of the construction and materials that compose it: since it is a specialized service, the integrity of materials will not be affected, since the appropriate elements and cleaning products will always be available
7. Added value: in some cases post-construction cleaning services will include a review of the facilities, as part of a review that takes into account the optimal functioning of the building.


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